2020- 2021 Try outs and Evaluations

Our evaluation process is an evaluation and placement rather than a make or don’t make process. Here at Supernova Athletics we feel strongly in the belief that any athlete who wishes to cheer should have the opportunity to do so.  Please see the Skills Rubric for Supernova Athletics'  2020-2021 Season below in this Information Packet to determine which level to attend.

Evaluations will be held for all those interested in being a part of the Supernova family on (Pending CDC Recommendations). Athletes only need to attend one of the evaluation days and they should attend the time appropriate for the level they would like to be evaluated for.


Prior to evaluations each athlete must complete and submit the following forms: 

- Participant Release, Waiver & Registration form 

- Credit Card Authorization Form & Payment Release Form

- Tryout Application 

- Code of Conduct & Financial Obligation Acknowledgment 

- Back-up Credit Card Form 

- Competition Waiver Form 

- Turn in a copy of the athlete's birth certificate. 

- Pay the non-refundable $45.00 annual registration fee (per athlete fee).

- Pay the practice wear deposit.


The All-Star Cheer program requires a strong commitment from the athlete as well as the athlete's family. It is a great way for athletes to learn new skills, develop a sense of what it means to work together as a team for a common goal and to develop a sense of pride and sportsmanship while making life-long friendships. All-Star & All-Star Prep teams are typically 12-25 athletes with similar skill levels and of similar ages. Based upon the skill, age, size and make-up of the team, the teams are categorized into different divisions. 

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