About Us

SuperNova Athletics was founded in April 2020 by The Drake Family.

Savannah Drake has been coaching and cheering for her entire life. She has won several individual national titles including "Best Cheerleader". As a former Stephen F. Austin Cheerleader and All Star Cheerleader in Kingsville, Tx, Savannah has gained ample experience coaching tumbling and cheer. She is grateful to her mentors Dr. Eden Hernandez and Gina Butler who introduced her to cheer, and helped her flourish as a cheerleader and coach. Savannah and husband, Chase, have two precious children, Caden and Aurora. Savannah's love for cheer has been passed down to her own shining star, Aurora. 

Our Mission is to provide quality coaching to build not only exceptional athletes but extraordinary young adults. Through teamwork, hard work and positive energy our Supernova Staff guide our athletes on a track to become productive citizens while perfecting this sport that we all love. Our gym strives to give athletes and their parents a comfortable safe space and a family to embark on their cheer journey together. A Supernova is a star that explodes and shines the brightest with an increase of energy. Come join the Supernova Galaxy, where your star will shine the brightest! 

SuperNova Athletics

Where Your Star Shines The Brightest.