All Star And Prep Program

The following defines the general program aspects of the All-Star & All-Star Prep Cheer Program: 

- 4 hours weekly training (2 hr. team practices twice per week) 

- 1 hour tumbling training (recommended) 

- Mandatory extra practices as needed 

- Mandatory Choreography Camp 

- Competitions: -

 All-Star: 5-8 Competitions within the competitive season, some will require travel outside the Houston area 

  • All-Star Prep: 4 – 5 Competitions within the Houston / Galveston area, some teams will require travel to Dallas for NCA Nationals and for Bid Events.


Age Breakdown

Age Breakdown 2019 – 2020 Season – The USASF has not published the final 2020- 2021 age grid. The 2019- 2020 season age grid is shown below to give you an idea of the age breakdown. Note: age is based upon the athlete’s age as of August 31, 2020. 



Showteam/ Tiny Novice

Ages 3-6

Tiny (All Star/Prep)

Ages 5-6

Mini (All Star/ Prep)

Ages 5-8

Youth (All Star/ Prep)

Ages 5-11

Junior (All Star)

Ages 5-14

Senior(All Star)

Ages 11-18



Tumbling Skills Required

Show Team

No requirements

Prep Team

Bridge Kickover, Cartwheel, Forward Roll

Level 1

Back Walkover, Back walkover switch, Valdez, Front Walkover (1 Arm), 

Level 2

Standing back handspring, Valdez BHS, Backwalkover BHS Front walkover round off BHS. Running BHS 3

Level 3

Punch Front, Standing BHS (3), Aerial, Roundoff BHS Tuck, Toe Touch BHS

Level 4

Standing Back Tuck, BHS tuck, Roundoff Backhandspring tuck, Toe Touch BHS tuck.


All levels must have previous level skills as well.

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